HP DesignJet Repair & Service

Any repair carried out by Hutchins IT Limited is backed by our “Total Care Solution“. Not only do we ensure that the repair is carried out as quickly and as efficiently as possible we also complete a full service and clean to the machine. This ensures your machine will perform at it optimum once the DesignJet service is complete.

1. Initial Contact

We strive to give our customers a fast response to the initial enquiry. When a customer raises a plotter repair query with us, our aim is to have the plotter fully repaired by the end of the next working day. When we receive the initial enquiry the customer is contacted so we can ascertain what the real problem is with the machine.

2. Quotation

Once the problem has been vetted, the customer is given a quotation. This is based on information attained as to what is wrong with the machine. The quotation includes call out fees, additional labour fees, and any potential parts that may be required. We strive to give the customer the full picture with no hidden costs.

3. Repair Agreement

Once the customer has agreed to the plotter repair costs quotation and our payment terms, the call is booked in, an engineer scheduled and parts assigned.

4. Engineer Dispatched

The engineer will phone the customer with an E.T.A on the date of the repair.

5. The Plotter Repair

Upon arrival on-site, the engineer will assess the problem with the machine. He will then inform the customer of the necessary course of action to resolve the issue. Once the customer agrees to the required resolution plan, the engineer will effect the repair. During the repair, the engineer will clean and service all the plotter's sub-systems to ensure that no additional problems occur in the immediate future. The machine is also fully cleaned of any aerosol ink contamination and ink spillages.

6. Calibration and Testing

Once points above have been carried out, the engineer will re-calibrate the machine and perform a user test with the customer. Once this has been completed to the customer’s satisfaction, the machine covers are fully cleaned to remove any traces of ink.

7. Sign Off

The machine is now signed over to the customer and the call is closed, relevant to the agreed payment Terms and Conditions.

8. Warranty

Every Plotter repair carried out by DesignJet Solutions is subject to a 90 days fault reoccurring warranty. This cover’s any repeat of the initial problems.