Professional DesignJet Repair Service

Your HP DesignJet plotter is an asset to your company. This is true, whatever line of business you work in. If you or your employees produce CAD drawings or Graphic Designs and need a hard copy, then your HP DesignJet plotter is a must. Consequently a fast HP DesignJet repair service is essential.

At Hutchins IT Limited we strive to make your HP DesignJet repair as easy and as smooth as possible. To that end our experienced engineers will perform a pre visit phone assessment. This enables us to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem. We can then attend with the correct parts for the fault producing an efficient first time fix. The results of which minimum time spent on site and reduced repair costs and down time.

DesignJet repair services

All HP DesignJets will eventually wear out. The belt will fray or a component will fail. When this happens are you fully prepared for the resulting down time? Your drawing production will scream to a halt, with no hard copies being produced. The result, either expensive outsourcing of the drawings or a log jam of unprinted drawings building up.

Hutchins IT Limited, with over 20 years on hand experience can help you resolve the issue with a fast cost effective no hassle solution to the problem. All HP DesignJet repair engineers working with us are fully trained on ALL machines and have at least 5 years’ experience working in the field.