DesignJet Error T1100 - 03:10

Although an 03:10 error on a DesignJet T1100 is quite serious, as it will prevent the machine from working, - it is avoidable.

A 03:10 error will cause the machine to shutdown and consquently prevent it from booting up to ready. In most cases however, this situation can be prevented.

A total failure of the PSU is a rare occurance. The power supply's are manufactured to a high standard and have a low failure rate.

The cause of the problem is usually the failure of the cooling fan. The purpose of which is to provide a constant air flow over the power supply by removing warn air from the unit. - Warm air is expelled so cool air flows into the power supply.

Cooling Fan Failure

When the PSU cooling fan fails the machine will shutsdown and report a 03:10 error on the front panel. This is a non-continuable error - so the machine is effectivly "dead in the water".

However, cooling fans dont just fail - its a gradual process. The first sign will be a strange noise coming from the left hand side of the machine. The machine will be "noisy". This is the start of the failure and can take anything from a day to several weeks before total failure.

The fan noise will gradually get louder and louder. This is due to wear and tear of the fans bearings.

The noise will continue to increase until eventually the fan will cease to work.

Two things happen now

1. The machine detects the lack of air flow, reports a 03:10 error and shutsdown.

2. The lack of air flow is missed, the machine continues working until the PSU fails due to over heating and the machine crashes or hangs up intermittently

Either of the above scenarios are avoidable.

Simply Contacting Hutchins IT Limited and booking an engineer to carry out the repair will prevent the machine shutting down. This will prevent further damage to the power supply and reduce your system down time.

All our engineers have a wealth of knowledge and experinced in all aspects of DesignJet repair.

Not only do we carry out the repair on site we also perform a full service and clean to your DesignJet, as part of our Total Care Solution.