DesignJet Repairs - Week Begining 2nd September 2019

So here I am again at the end of another week. Things seem to have quietened down a little. Hope its just this week. That said still a lot happened during the week - So Welcome to my Plotter Repair Log No 4.

DesignJet Z5400 - Rejecting Ink Cartridges - 09/09/2019

Nice start to the week, a trip to Scunthorpe in North Lincolnshire, to look at a DesignJet Z5400 rejecting ink cartridges. However on arrival it seems the problem was a little more sinister.

In actual fact the the machine was flagging the cartridges as having an expiry date of 1970 - Totally strange.

Got to say, this one threw me for a while. Not a great deal on information on the HP website.

I suspected the problem was with the ISS (Ink Supply Station). This was removed and thoughly checked for any ink leakage or stuck bongos- everything appeard fine. Ran all the diagnostic tests - everything passed OK.

Experience is a wonderful thing, especially over 20 years in the Plotter Repair field.

Suspecting the problem was caused by the ISS, but not having a replacement with me, I decided to replaced a couple of sensors - corresponding to the two faulty Ink Cartridges.

Re-assembled the machine and reinserted all the inks - Still having problems with the two cartridges set to 1970. Repalced the cartridges with two new ones. The machine came back to life and has been running for the last few days.

I've since found information about this problem on the HP Forums. It seems to be a potential issue, one that I hope HP will look into. The forums reccomended the ISS shoukd be repalced as a full assembly. However, the repair I carried out appears to be working at a fraction of the cost.

designjet Z5400 repair

DesignJet 1050C - Ink Leaking from rear of Plotter. - 10/09/19

Trip west along the M62 to Liverpool. A customer reported his DesignJet 1050C was leaking magenta ink from the back of the plotter.

I've seen this problem hundereds of times, but it always looks like a murder scene, especially when its the magenta ink.

This is a common problem and happens when the junction of the valve assembly and the tube becomes unstable. The integrity of the seal breaks down and the ink is expelled through a very small aperture at around 1.9 psi. Slightly messy.

When this happens the best advoce is to switch the machine off immediately. Remove ALL the ink catridges and CALL US OUT. I would advise that you also place some paper (lots of it) under the left leg of the plotter. This will help prevent further damage to the flooring directly under the leak.

Although this is a fairly easy fix, the clean up operation is somewhat different. A little ink goes a long way.

There are actually two ways of resolving this issue - the first and one that most engineers will do is to repalce the entire tube assembly. However, at Hutchins IT our aim is to provide a cost effective solution to every DesignJet repair we carry out. Consequently, for this Plotter repair, we always give thecustomer the second option - to repalce the faulty valve assembly. This reduces the cost of repair by about 40%.

As part of our Total Care Solution Policy a full service and clean was carried outto the machine. As mutch as the sprayed ink was cleaned from the HP Plotter and surrounding area as possible.

Once the DesignJet repair had been carried out, faulty tube (in this case the magenta) was purged and the ink pulled through to the printhead.

The HP Printer was fully calibrated, tested and passed back to the customer.

DesignJet 500 - Unable to print - 10/09/19

Short trip north up the M6 for a DesignJet Repair in Blackpool. New customer experiencing problems while printing. - Well not printing at all actually.

The HP Wide Format Printer could not be seen by the network so consequently would not print.

Carried out initial inspection of site. Checked the physical topology, (cables connected), everything OK.

Ran relevant diagnostics on both the Plotter and the network and identified the faulty component. Replaced the failing component, recalibrated and tested on the network. Carried out full service and clean to the Plotter.

Another sucessful DesignJet Repiar in Blackpool carried out.

DesignJet 800 - 86:01 Error - 11/09/19

Off to the "Federal Republic of South Yorkshire" today for a DesignJet repair in Doncaster. A common,"Bread & Butter", problem on a DesignJet 800 44" displaying a System Error 86:01 - Possible Paper Jam.

This is exactly the same as a DesignJet 500 86:01 system error. The DesignJet 800 and he DesignJet 500 are primarily the same platform. The difference being the DesignJet 800 is classed as a graphics machine and has black covers. Whereas the DesignJet 500 is a CAD machine and has grey covers.

Standard repair - replaced the carriage belt. Carried out a full service and clean. Cleaned the chassis of the plotter. - Everything associated with our Total Care Solution Policy.

Yet another DesignJet Repair in Doncaster carried out. The machine is now back in service and fully functional.

DesignJet T1100 - System errpr 87:01 - 12/09/19

Short trip "Over the Hill" today to a customer in Halifax. - A Designjet T1100 44" with an 87:01 error. The literal description of this error is "Problem finding the scan-axis encoder reading". Fairly straight forward repair for someone with knowledge and experience.

However, despite the machine reporting the system error 87:01, this was not the cause of the problem. The problem was indeed a little more sinister.

After a visual inspection of the HP Plotter everything apeared OK, except the pen carriage was difficult to move. The carriage belt looked in good condition - no signs of wear.

Further fault diagnosis then revealed the problem. The pen carriage was binding on thestarwheel assembly, which was stuck in the up position. Only one thig causes this problem - A broken star wheel motor.

Stripped the machine down and indeed found that one of the intermediary drive cogs had broken. This means that the star wheel assembly could not be reset into its home position.

As this is a fairly common problem, I carry a replacement unit in the car. It was then a simple task of installing a new motor assembly. Carrying out a full service and clean, as part of our policy, realigningthe printheads and testing the machine.

The machine was then system tested to the customers satisfaction and the job signed off.

DesignJet 510 - System error 08.10 - 12/09/19

Another short journey to Huddersfield, I really love these sort of days, to a DesignJet 510 with a system error 05.10.

This is one fauly I dread on a Designjet 510 - the repair is fairly simple, however the cost of a repalcement formatter is rediculas.