DesignJet Repairs - Week Beginning 2nd September 2019

Another week has slipped by. Another week of DesignJet repairs completed. This is now my 3rd post so I should be getting used to writing them now. So without further ado - Welcome to my Plotter Repair Log No 3.

Monday 2nd September 2019

Eastbound trip along the M62 today, to a customer with a DesignJet T520 error code. A system error BA7E377A to be exact. - This is also known as the "Blue Screen of Death". At this point the plotter is dead. It will not boot or do anything.

This is caused by a failure in the machine's FirmWare. For some reason the FirmWare has become corrupt.

My best advice if you see this on your Designjet T520 or your DesignJet T120 is to Contact Us immediatley. This problem will not go away.

The expensive fix for this type of error is to replace the Main Control Board on the plotter. However, as with all things there is another way. My customer was originally quoted around £480.00 to have the DesignJet repaired. We were able to perform the repair for about 60% of this cost. It pays to Contact Us. We are the engineers and not the middle men.

DesignJet 500 - 86:01 error - 02/09/19

Jaunt down the M1 to Chesterfield for a DesignJet 500 86:01 error. Straight foward fix. System error 86:01 - usually caused by a worn carriage belt. Not mutch to say about this.

Replaced the carriage belt. Carried out a full service and clean.
Cleaned and lubricated the rails.
Cleaned the service station - yuck.
Cleaned the pen carriage contacts.
Cleaned excessive aerosol build up from chassis of the DesignJet.
Upgraded FirmWare to current level.
Realigned printheads and calibrated colour.
Reset uasge counters.
Fully tested and signed off back to customer.
All within the hour.

DesignJet 5500PS 42" - 20/08/19

So today its off to see a long standing customer of mine who has a problem on an old classic, a DesignJet 5500PS in Manchester.

The plotter was producing sub-quality drawings - The colours were all over the place.

On inspection no yellow ink was not being put down on the media. The yellow printhead was totally empty.

However, as this was a fairly new printhead the DesignJet 5500PS did not report it as being defective or needing to be replaced.

Further investigation revealed that the yellow tube that feeds the print head was empty. The tube had become air locked - thus preventing any ink from being fed into the printhead.

Again, this could be a simple fix or require an expensive set of replacement tubes.

The normal procedure for this would be to install a set of set-up printheads and purge the tubes. These are quite expensive and are a one off hit.

To rectify this problem the tubes on the DesignJet 5500PS were purged manually. This is a cost effective way of resolving this type of problem. It does however take a bit of patience.

Once the ink was flowing again the the printhead was repalced and the machine tested.

After a full service and clean was carried out to the plotter the DesignJet was handed back to the customer.

DesignJet 500 - 86:01 Error - 21/08/19

Big day out today. A trip up north to Newcastle - South Shields to be exact.

A DesignJet 500 86:01 error was the patient today. should be a fairly straight foward repair.

Carriage belt replacement required. - This is without doubt the most common repair carried out to any DesignJet Plotter.

So standard fix - strip plotter down - remove pen carriage - install new carriage belt.

Most importantly though is the full clean and service to the machine. This is so much easier to achieve when the machine is dismantled.

Once the DesignJet 500 has been reassembled and the printheads aligned, the FirmWare can then be updated. This is essential to iron oput any "quirks" in the plotters operation system that may be present.

The DesignJet 500 was then fully tested by the customer before hand over.


DesignJet T1100 - System 08:10 error - 03/09/19

In for a treat today, trip to the picturesque town of Harrogate in North Yorkshire. Customer has a System error 08:10 on his DesignJet T1100. Symptoms are - Customer switches the machine on - the display lights up, but nothing else. After a short while the machine beeps once then followed by a series of shorter beeps.

The machine then reports a system error 08:10.

This problem is caused by the front panel and the display and the formatter not communicating with each other. Although this error is pretty generic - it can be caused by a number of sub-systems. HP have incorporated a system of lights that generate an error code. After deciphering this - the relevant part was replaced and the machine was brought back to life. As part of our Total Care Solution policy, full service and clean was carried out to the plotter.

The DesignJet was fully tested and put back in to production.

These machines are now obsolete - according to HP - They no longer support them. However, parts are still available and here at Hutchins IT Limited we are committed to providing the best possible repair option.

Every option will be discussed with the customer, this includes upgrading the HP Printer if necessary.

DeignJet 500 - System error 21:10 - 04/09/19

"Another day another dollar", as the saying goes. Today I'm off to Doncaster in South Yorkshire - (nay, the Federal Repiblic of South Yorkshire). One of our old friends, a DesignJet 500, has reported a 21:10 system error.

Again, this is a common error on most DesignJet's and HP plotters. Its not as profuse as 86:01 error - but still occurs quite often. It is usually caused by the printhead capper assembly on the service station being jammed.

The service station collects all the excess ink that is generated during the printhead initialization/ warm up phase. Consequently it eventually becomes clogged or full of used ink.

Simple solution - replaced the service station. Carried out a full service and clean on the DesignJet, as part of our Total Care Solution policy. Upgrade the FirmWare. Fully tested the machine and passed it back to the customer.


DesignJet T610 - Rejecting Ink Cartridges - 05/09/2019

So a short trip down the road into Manchester for a Designet T610 rejecting Ink cartridges. Sure enough on arrival intial inspection found the HP Printer was indeed rejecting the grey and the photo black ink cartridges.

Further inspection of the DesignJet revealed the cause - the ink tubes that feed the printheads were leaking. The inside of the plotter was covered in ink - what a mess. This is a problem I've never seen on a DesignJet T610 or even this platform - DesignJet T1100, DesignJet T795 etc.

Big job breaking out to reolve this issue.

Firstly, all the covers had to be reomved. Then the leaking tube assembly was removed totally from the plotter. Taking extreem care to place them in a plastic bag, immediatley, to prevent any ink dripping on the office carpet.

Secondly, the Ink Supply Station was removed. This was also full of ink, hence the problems with the cartridges. Again this was carefully placed in a plastic bag to protet the carpet. - Its amazing how far a drop of ink goes.

Next the task of cleaning the machine (thank goodness for Johnsons Baby Wipes). Sorry for the lack of photos on this one. Initially I forgot to take any and my hands were full of ink once I realized.

Finally once the machine was cleaned, the ISS (Ink Supply Station) was replaced, followed by a set of ink tubes.

The plotter was powered on and fully initalized so that the new tubes could be purged using the set-up printheads. After that the original printheads were re-installed and realigned, and all relveant diagnostics carried out.

At this stage the DesignJet was fully functional. All that was needed was to put the covers back on and carry out a final clean and test.

One happy customer, machine fixed and tested and no ink on the carpet - Happy Days.


DesignJet 500 42" - Service and Clean Required - 05/09/2019

So off to Warrington now, Daresbury to be exact,to perform a clean and service on a DesignJet 500. Looking at the state of me and my hands I think I need the clean and service - certainly the clean.

Quick trip along the M56 from Manchester to Junction 11. No drama on this one. Machine just needs is anual service, a bit of TLC for the last 12 months graft. So - What does a DesignJet Service involve?

1. Check error log for any issues that may have been happening.

2. Remove covers and check for any visible problems. - Carriage belt wearing, service station clogging up, trailing cable starting to wear and develops kinks. - No issues reported.

3. Clean and lubricated carriage travel rail.

4. Clean excessive aerosol ink build up from chassis.

5. Clean service station.

6. Clean pen carriage contacts and printhead contacts.

7. Run service checks and diagnostics on sub-systems.

8. Realign printheads.

9. Check for latest version of FirmWare and carry out upgrade if required.

10. Reset usage counters to prevent Maintenace Advised message being displayed.

11. Fully system test plotter and return to customer for another 12 months production.

Jobs completed for today. Time to go home for a date with some spray bleech. The best way to remove ink for your hands.

DesignJet T7100 - Media Misaligned - 06/09/2019

Trip into Salford, on the west side of Manchester. Customer has a problem with his DesignJet T7100 rejecting media when loading. Strange one this. The HP T7100 printer will load plain bond and coated media from both rolls. However, it will not load glossy media from either roll.

Further investigation revealed the machine failed the line sensor test. Attempted, unsuccessfully to calibarte the line sensor. Removed the line sensor assembly from the pen carriage and gave it a thorough clean.

Re-installed and successfully calibrated the sensor which now passes the line sensor test. Aerosol ink residue can cause all sorts of problems.

Loaded the glossy media and carried out another Line Sensor calibartion. Fully tested the machine - loading glossy media from both rolls.