DesignJet Repair W/B August 26 2019

Nothing to see here..

Bank holiday - no work today - no broken plotters to fix - Just relax and enjoy the sun.

DesignJet 5500PS - Switch Power Off and Check Pen Path - 27/08/19

The classic DesignJet 5500PS - you don't see one of these for ages then two come in at once. So a trip over to Preston in Lancashire to visit another long standing customer of mine.

Customer reported she was having print quality - no black ink being put down on the drawings. I suggested she changed the black printhead, which should remedy the problem.

She called me back a short time later saying the machine had "Switch power Off and Check Pen Path" error on the front display panel. She had tried switching the machine off and on again to no avail.

Upon arrival a quick visual of the DesignJet 5500PS indicated the potential problem.

After lifting the front window, it was obvious something was not right with the DesignJet 5500 carriage belt. The carriage belt was lose. As you can see from the pictures below - it didn't take a genius to work that out. Once the cause of the problem had been identified, it was a simple process to replace the broken idler with a shiny new one.

A full service was carried out to the machine, as part of our Total Care Solution policy. The printheads were re-aligned and the machine fully tested by the customer.

Once the customer was satisfied the machine was handed back and the job closed off.

DesignJet 5500PS repair Manchester

DesignJet 230 A1 - No Power - 27/08/19

Still in the Preston area to attend a call out on a DesignJet 230 A1.

I haven't seen one of these machines in about 10 years. Talk about an old classic. I think they were one of the first DesignJet's Hewlett Packard produced to replace the old pen plotters.

Nice easy resolution - Replaced the on/off switch and wiring harness. Carried out a full service and clean, as per our Total Care Solution policy, to the machine.

Designjet 230-A1 no power repair in Preston

DesignJet 500 24" - 56:10 error - 28/08/19

A trip over the hill to Leeds for a DesignJet 500 with a 56:10 error. This is an unusual error. - Not had many of these before.

Quick check of the service manual (don't tell anyone) and the cause of the problem was revealed.

Despite this error not being a very common one, the required part was in stock.

This enabled Hutchins IT Limited to attend site the day after the call was booked and carry out a repair to the plotter. Not only was the plotter repaired in an efficient and cost effective manner, a full clean and service was carried out. The FirmWare was upgraded to the latest revision.

This was undertaken as part of the companies "Total Care Solution". A process that is applied to every DesignJet repair carried out.

Once the HP CAD Printer was back up and running - the printheads were aligned and the plotter fully system tested to the customers satisfaction. The DesignJet was then handed back to the customer and drawing production could begin once again.

DesignJet 500-5610 error Leeds

DeisgnJet 500 24" - Supplied, delivered and installed in Liverpool - 29/08/19

Short trip west along the M62 to deliver a machine to Liverpool. This was a second user DesignJet 500 24". It was delivered to a single partnership architect who wanted a machine "for a few years before he retired".

Prior to delivery the DesignJet 500 24" had been stripped down and fully refurbished and cleaned.

This meant:

1. The carriage belt was repalced

2. The service station was replaced with a refurbished one

3. The ink system was fully tested and printheads aligned

4. The plotter was fully cleaned of belt debris and aerosol ink contamination.

5. The FirmWare was upgraded to A.05.01 (latest revision).

6. The covers were cleaned.

The machine was connect, via USB, to the customers latptap (running Windows 7). The required driver was loaded and the machine system tested. The customer had been using an old DesignJet 430, (another classic), so he was well made up with the DeisgnJet 500.

This machine was supplied with 6 months, next day, parts and labour on site warranty and part of the purchase price. - A good deal. The Plotter should serve him well until he retires.

DesignJet 520 42" - 86:01 error - 30/08/19

Off east today, over to Sheffield for a DesignJet T520 42" with an 86:01 error. This problem is caused by high friction in the scan axis (pen carriage movement). The usual cause of this is a worn carriage belt.

Upon arrival the initial examination revealed that the carriage belt was indeed the cause of the issue. However not in the way I first thought.
The carriage belt was lose but not worn and did not require replacing. Further investigation revealed the scan axis idler had come away from its housing on the right hand side of the machine.
Due to this the carriage belt was not under any tension. Consequently the carriage couldn't move correctly.

So once again a fairly straight forward fix - the idler was replaced as its locationg pins had broken.
The deisnjet T520 was fully serviced and cleaned in line with our Total Care Solution.
The printhead (The DesignJet T520 has a single printhead block) was realinged and the machine fuly system tested.
Once the customer was happy with the repair the machine was signed off ready for production.