DesignJet Repair W/B August 19 2019

DesignJet Z2100 44" - 19/08/19

Started the day with a trip to St. Helens to repair a DesignJet Z2100 - problem loading media.

The customer had been happily printing when a paper jam occurred. He promptly removed the obstruction and rebooted the machine.

Upon reboot the DesignJet Z2100 requested that the media be unloaded. Unfortunately, there was no media loaded in the plotter.

After several failed attempts to clear this message he Contacted Hutchins IT for a resolution.

Upon arrival the machine was quickly assessed and the problem identified.

The broken part was replaced and the plotter was back up and running.

However, before the DesignJet was handed back to the customer a full service and clean was carried out as per our policy.

The FirmWare of the DesignJet Z2100 was upgraded. The print heads were realigned and the plotter was tested to the customers satisfaction.

At this stage the DesignJet Z2100 was handed back to the customer ready for production.

DesignJet T1100 24" - 19/08/19

Following on from the DesignJet Z2100 call in St. Helens,there was a call out to a DesignJet T1100 in Bolton.

The customer reported his machine as having an error 02.1.10 when he tried to print.

This DesignJet error code can be quite serious, requiring expensive parts to resolve. It can also be a simple fix.

Luckily on this occasion a good service and clean was sufficient to get the DesignJet T1100 back up and running and producing CAD drawings for the customer.

A simple no parts fix - everyone happy.

DesignJet 5500PS 42" - 20/08/19

So today its off to see a long standing customer of mine who has a problem on an old classic, a DesignJet 5500PS in Manchester.

The plotter was producing sub-quality drawings - The colours were all over the place.

On inspection no yellow ink was not being put down on the media. The yellow printhead was totally empty.

However, as this was a fairly new printhead the DesignJet 5500PS did not report it as being defective or needing to be replaced.

Further investigation revealed that the yellow tube that feeds the print head was empty. The tube had become air locked - thus preventing any ink from being fed into the printhead.

Again, this could be a simple fix or require an expensive set of replacement tubes.

The normal procedure for this would be to install a set of set-up printheads and purge the tubes. These are quite expensive and are a one off hit.

To rectify this problem the tubes on the DesignJet 5500PS were purged manually. This is a cost effective way of resolving this type of problem. It does however take a bit of patience.

Once the ink was flowing again the the printhead was replaced and the machine tested.

After a full service and clean was carried out to the plotter the DesignJet was handed back to the customer.

DesignJet 500 - 86:01 Error - 21/08/19

Big day out today. A trip up north to Newcastle - South Shields to be exact.

A DesignJet 500 86:01 error was the patient today. should be a fairly straight forward repair.

Carriage belt replacement required. - This is without doubt the most common repair carried out to any DesignJet Plotter.

So standard fix - strip plotter down - remove pen carriage - install new carriage belt.

Most importantly though is the full clean and service to the machine. This is so much easier to achieve when the machine is dismantled.

Once the DesignJet 500 has been reassembled and the printheads aligned, the FirmWare can then be updated. This is essential to iron oput any "quirks" in the plotters operation system that may be present.

The DesignJet 500 was then fully tested by the customer before hand over.

DesignJet 1050C+ - 22/08/19

So today it off to Chesterfield to repair a DesignJet 1050C+ Switch Power Off and check Pen Path error.

Another straight forward problem usually caused by a wrong carriage belt, although this is not always the case, it was today.

Nice and tidy - stripped the DesignJet down and removed the pen carriage. Cleaned all belt debris and aerosol contamination from the plotter.

Replaced the carriage belt and re-assembled the machine.

Once the machine was back together and cleaned with the rails lubricated it was time to test it, before it was handed back to the customer.

No matter how many of these DesignJet 1050's I have done, I was the Beta Test engineer for Hewlett Packard when they were first released. The moment that it starts its sub-system initialization is always a worry.

If the trailing cable has not been installed correctly and its awkward the DesignJet will return an error 0B0006. This is a blown fuse on the main board - major issue.

DesignJet T520 36" - 22/08/19

So DesignJet 1050C+ carriage belt replacement carried out in Chesterfield, now a short trip up the M1 to Pontefract in West Yorkshire to effect a DesignJet T520 repair.

The plotter was reporting "There is a problem with the printer Ink System" on the front panel.

This problem is associated with the printhead or the ink cartridges and can usually be resolved be changing them. They are consumables and as sutch user replaceable.

However, in my experience its better to Contact Us and book and engineer to check the machine over.

This is to ensure that there are no underlying issues with the DesignJet T520 and also for us to carry out a full service on the machine.

The above is exactly what was done to the plotter.

Once the service had been completed and the FirmWare updated. The new ink system was fully aligned and the machine fully tested.

It was then handed back to the customer to continue the company's production.

Designjet T520 36inch repair


Overall, although a fairly quiet week, no calls on Friday. Despite this all service calls were cleared and every DesignJet Repair was carried out efficiently and professionally.

If your in need of a DesignJet Repair or you've got a DesignJet error code do not hesitate to Contact us for a free no obligations repair quote.