DesignJet Error 86:01

At some stage all HP DesignJets will report an 86:01 error, with the front panel reporting a possible paper jam has been detected - This generally is not the case.

A DesignJet 86:01 error is usually caused by the carriage belt wearing out. It's a common occurance. Just like the fan belt in your car - it's a moving part and will eventually wear out. The compound of the belt will start to deteriorate and become detached from the strengthening fibers. These will the split apart and wrap around either the motor capstan or the idler and in some cases both.

The result is the pen carriage will jam up, unable to move and the machine will report an 86:01 - possible paper jam error.

Although this is a catastrophic failure for the machine it is not terminal. At Hutchins IT Limited our engineers are specialists in replacing worn carriage belts on all DesignJet models.

Despite it being a seriour failure it is avoidable. Early detection of the problem means the machine does not have to go into failure mode. There are several symptoms to look out for that indicate the carriage belt is starting to wear out.

The machine will appear to be getting noisier. This is quite difficult to notice as it will be a gradual process.

You will see "balck flecks" on your prints. These can simply be brushed off. However, they are bits of the carriage belt that are breaking off.

If you look into the machine you may be able to see patches of the carriage belt that have no compound on it. You will be able to see the streghening fibers of the belt.

You may notice a VLS problem (Vertical Line Straigtness). The lines of your drawing will appear jagged.

At this stage your machine will still be functioning - how long for is indeterminable. To prevent the DesignJet 86:01 error causing major downtime CONTACT HUTCHINS IT FOR FREE ADVICE

The older machines are fairly straight forward, for our engineers, and are usually completed within the first hour on site. However the newer models - The DesignJet T and Z series take a little longer to complete.

Two things are for sure - A DesignJet 86:01 error will generally need an engineer visit to repalce the carriage belt.

The machine will not function unless this proceedure is carried out

At Hutchins IT Limited we have been repairing DesignJet in the North of England for over 20 years. We have a vast knowledge and experiance of all DesignJet Models. Most importantly we understand the importance of a DesignJet to a companies production. No DesignJet - No Drawings - No Production

To that end we endevour to attend next day with the right parts and the right knowledge to ensure a fast, efficient and cost effective repair.