DesignJet T920 - 89:03 Error

As the DesignJet T920, DesignJet T1500 and the DesignJet T2500 are begining to age, (they have been around for a few yesr now). We are starting to see some recurring problems emerging. One common and repetaive issue seems to be 89:03 error.

This is caused by a failure of the "Stacker Ramps Motor" and is a critical failure. Whilst generally this will need a service engineer to repair there is a process the customer can perform that may cure the problem.

Customer proceedure to resolve 89:03 error on a DesignJet T920.

This error can be caused when the stacker motor cable becomes dislodged from engine PCA or it get damaged. However before a service engineer is called in, following the simple steps, as listed, may resolve the issue.

1. Turn the printer off by usinging the power switch at the rear and remove the power cord.

2. Remove all media from the stacker unit and the basket.

3. Reconnect the power cord and turn the printer on

4. Perform the stacker ramps motor diagnostic. This will tell you if the error has gone or not.

If the error has gone then carry on using the machine in the usual way. This may have been caused by a "rougue" piece of media preventing the stacker from performing correctly.

However, if the error is still present then the best course of action will be to contact a DesignJet repair specialist,such as Hutchins IT Limited. Once contact has been made we will formulate and discuss an action plan.

DesignJet T920 - 89:03 Error

We can also offer an affordable maintenance contract to optimize your productivity and keep your budgets on track.

The following is an example of how we would handle this error to get a fast and efficient resolution:

After obtaining the information regarding the problem we will give you a no obligation quote for the resolution of the problem. This would be:

1. One of our engineer will attend your site and check the stacker ramps motor for damage and conectivity to the engine PCA.

2. If no damage is found and the connectivity is good the engineer will repalce the complete motor assembly.

3. The engineer will reboot the machine, run the stacker diagnostics.

4. A full service and clean will be carried out on the machine and the FirmWare will be updated (if required)

5. The engineer will perform a full system test in conjunction with the customer before completion of the call. At Hutchins IT Limited we have over 20 years experience in resolving HP DesignJet problems.

Please feel free to contact us on 0161 241 8078 to get an instant solution for all your HP DesignJet errors.

DesignJet T920 - 89:03 Error