DesignJet 500 - Error 86:01

86:01 error on a DesignJet 500 / 800 is a probably the most common problem on this model of DesignJet.

It is also the same as 86:01 error on a DesignJet 800.

The literal translation to this error is: Carriage Axis Shutdown, and is quite often accompanied with the words "Paper Jam". However this is not strictly true.

Most, but not all, 86:01 errors are caused by the carriage belt starting to wear and frey. This results in an increase in the friction on the guide rail that houses the carriage assembly. It can also cause the carriage assembly to jam up totally. However there are several other factors that can cause this problem.

1. The carriage may be stuck on the right hand side of the machine due to the service station not uncapping correctly.

2. The trailing cable may be damaged causing poor movement of the carriage assembly due to increased drag.

3. The encoder strip that gives the carriage assembly its relative postion along its axis may be damaged.

However the problem is mainly due to the carriage belt being worn.

At Hutchins IT Limited, replaceing a worn carriage belt on a DesignJet 500 or a DesignJet 800 is a standard repair. A DesignJet repair that is usually completetd within the hour.

Not only do we complete the repair, we also carry out a full service and clean to the machine. Our aim is to return the machine to the best possible condition we can.

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