DesignJet Error 1050c Leaking Ink

A DesignJet 1050C Leaking Ink is lot more common than you would think. The ink leaks out of the back of the machine on the left hand side and can be any of the 4 colours.

When you notice this happening switch the machine off immediately and remove the offending ink cartridge. Try to pack the area with obsorbent tissue, (kitchen roll or such like). This will hopefully limit the effect of dripping ink which will ruin the carpet or flooring that it lands on. - A bit of ink goes a long way.

This problem is not caused by a faulty ink cartridge but by a faulty valve on the Ink Tube Assembly. This is quite often resolved by repalceing the Ink Tube Assembly. This is however an expensive fix.

At Hutchins IT Limited our experience and knowledge of the DesignJet 1050C has enabled us to effect an effiecient and cost effective method of resolving this problem, that does not entail replacing the tube assembly.

Not only do we resolve the issue, we will ensure that as much spilled ink as possible will be cleaned from the machine and surrounding areas. However, we cannot garantee we will be able to perform a total clean of everything...sorry.

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DesignJet 1050C Ink Leaking On Plattern

With a DesignJet 1050C the ink leakage is not just limited to the rear of the machine. It can also leak from the pen carriage end. Although this is less common than the the one described above it is more damaging and a slightly trickier fix.

This problem will manifest itself an severe ink smudges along the media when the machine is printing. Again it can be caused be any of the 4 colours.

You will also notice excessive standing ink on the plattern of the machine. (The plattern is the base of the machine where the paper lies during print).

This is a serious problem. the ink leak will not go away. - Switch the macihine off and Contact Us for advice.

This problem will require the Ink Tube Assembly being repalced to resolve the problem, an expensive fix. Once again Hutchins IT Limited can effect a repair that does not always require tube repalcement. However this is not always effective.